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March 2024

Opinion: Streamlining Sitecore Front-end with CDN

Explore innovative strategies for swiftly diagnosing and resolving Sitecore development challenges, bypassing the need for full project installation.

21 Mar 2024

February 2024



02 Feb 2024

January 2024

Automating Car Insurance Reminders for Family

Navigating Car Insurance Chaos through automating the reminder system for family.

21 Jan 2024


Food selector automation

07 Jan 2024

August 2023


Invoice Generator with Localstorage

28 Aug 2023


WebGL or D3 Experiment with concentric circles

15 Aug 2023

December 2023


UK pension calculator

25 Dec 2023

Navigating the World of Git and Gist

Guide to Git and GitHub for collaborative coding, tracking changes, and version control.

15 Dec 2023

November 2023

Leveraging TypeScript and Astro 4 for Efficient GitHub Repo Management

Using TypeScript with Astro 4 to manage GitHub repos, enhancing web dev with type safety & efficiency

07 Nov 2023

October 2023

Building a UK Pension Projection Calculator

Building a custom UK Pension Projection Calculator to see what pensions look like for you in the future built with React & Tailwind.

25 Oct 2023