My Nintendo Switch Journey to OLED

🗓 04 May 2023
⏰ 3 min read

Just a few years ago, I took the plunge and purchased the Nintendo Switch. I can still recall the anticipation I felt as I unboxed the device, eagerly waiting to dive into its vast library of games. It was the start of an adventure that allowed me to escape into worlds beyond imagination.

Three games, in particular, became my constant companions: Hollow Knight, where I delved deep into underground labyrinths battling quirky foes; Animal Crossing, offering a laid-back and delightful life on a deserted island; and the epic The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, where I traversed across vast landscapes, battling fierce enemies and solving intricate puzzles. These titles held me captive, providing hours of pure gaming pleasure.


But as with all things, evolution is inevitable. Fast forward to the present, and I’ve ‘switched up’ to the new Nintendo Switch OLED model. Let me tell you - the experience is nothing short of phenomenal. Here’s what stood out:

  • The OLED Screen: Absolutely mesmerising! The vibrancy and clarity bring the gaming world to life in a way that’s truly unparalleled.
  • Size Does Matter: The bigger screen might sound like a minor upgrade, but once you’ve experienced gaming on both versions, you’ll instantly feel the difference. It’s more immersive, yet the console retains its portable charm.
  • Stand and Deliver: I never realised how much I needed a sturdier stand until I got this. No more wobbling or accidental knockdowns during intense gaming sessions.
  • Storage for Days: With the increased storage capacity, I don’t have to worry about running out of space for my next favourite game.

My lost world

However, my transition to the OLED was not without its bumps. A significant challenge arose when I discovered that I had lost my Animal Crossing game. I had assumed it would be backed up in the Nintendo Cloud like my other games, but Animal Crossing’s backup mechanism is a tad different. The sting of loss was even sharper since I no longer had access to my older Nintendo Switch. The result? A vanished island, hours of gameplay lost, and countless memories confined to the abyss of digital forgetfulness.

On the bright side, it’s not all doom and gloom. I’ve been engrossed in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which has been nothing short of breathtaking.


While the Nintendo Switch OLED isn’t a monumental leap from its predecessor, it certainly adds a layer of finesse and polish. The enhanced visuals and user-friendly additions make it a worthwhile purchase. But with the joys come challenges, from lost games to unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re building a new life on an island, battling mythical beasts, or simply navigating the quirks of gaming tech, the journey is always eventful. Happy gaming!